Daniel Petrovski
Macedonia, 2018


Original version with English subtitles

SA O ROMA, a short documentary film, presents continuities and changes of the Romani George’s Day / Erdelezi holiday in Skopje’s communities of Topaana and Šutka. The film’s director is a Romani student in anthropology and was inspired by Professor Dunin’s fifty years of visual documentation. He skillfully shows scenes recorded in 1967 with her 16mm camera, the thousands of Roms (Sa O Roma) on a hillside celebrating with dance and music contrasted with an emptiness in 2017. This invaluable viewing of a single holiday on the same dates for 50 years is woven into a compelling narrated story in 20 minutes as seen through the eyes and experiences of Professor Dunin as a dance researcher.


Daniel Petrovski is a young Romani anthropologist, author and director of filmic and dramatic works, and a freelance journalist. He lives and works in the Republic of North Macedonia in Šuto Orizari, the only Romani municipality in Europe. He is a researcher of Romani traditions and language as well as an advocate of Romani rights, cultural development, and media. He is the director of Sa O Roma, as well as the author and director of five other documentary films for Romani culture and education. His films and advocacy activities have earned prizes and recognition in the Balkans.


Director: Daniel Petrovski
Cinematography: Elsie Ivancich Dunin
Sound: Simon Petrovski
Music: Erdelezi: Vaska Jankovska / Goran Bregović Sa O Roma: Ozgu Namal KUD Phralipe Khedingeoe o Roma: Nehat Gaši Alo šužo dive: Ahmet Rasimov
Editing: Daniel Petrovski
Production: Branislav Petrovski, Romano Ilo Association


MONDAY, 18:00, followed by a Q&A with the director