Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros

U.K., 2018



Original english version

Toby Gorniak came, as a Romani teenager, from Poland to Plymouth, UK, unable to speak English. He has since reached out to other youth through hip hop. The father-of-six, together with wife Jo, run the well-respected Community Interest Company Street Factory. This is a short documentary that captures Toby discussing his life and how he uses Hip-Hop as a tool to reach and teach people from all walks of life. The film shows how one person turned the negatives of racism into positives and now Toby is building a whole community of hip hop dancers and artists that honour “LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT, FUN, UNITY”, his five principles. This film captures Toby Gorniak’s voice and vision for his dance company Street Factory. He is an inspirational person and he and his wife (Jo Gorniak) have transformed Plymouth using dance and hip hop to bring people together.


Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros is a professional dancer, curator, dance historian and critic, Romani scholar, director and peace activist. Cisneros has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer, curator and qualified teacher and has lived and danced in various parts of the world. She has collaborated with many flamenco greats and other leading figures in the field of dance. Cisneros is involved in various EU-funded projects whose aim is to make education accessible to vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities. She is also a Research Fellow at Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research in the UK. As an independent artist, dancer, curator and teacher, Cisneros has organised various festivals and exhibitions. She has launched her own production company, RosaSenCis Film Productions which created one film for the Oral History Project of the UK-based Society for Dance Research and has several screendance films and short documentaries. Cisneros also works closely with the Centre for Research on Theories and Practices for Overcoming Inequalities (CREA) at the University of Barcelona and is completing her PhD in Sociology.


Director: Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros
Cinematography: Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros
Editing: Raluca Maria Polodeanu
Music: Coffee Music
Sound: Raluca Maria Polodeanu
Production: RosaSenCis Production Company


FRIDAY, 18:00