Eva Cruells Lopez
Spain, 2018


Original version with English subtitles

SARA, a young Romani woman from La Mina district of Barcelona, decides to focus on researching the origins of the persecution of Romani people. She discovers the repression suffered by her people during the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship. These discoveries profoundly change her vision of the world and make her aware of the need to modify the old structures that condemn them as a community.



Eva Cruells Lopez is a film director, researcher and media activist. Her career has been linked closely to projects that link the opportunities offered by digital multi-media technology to the promotion of self-representation and empowerment of minorities and women. In her trajectory she experiments with many formats of content creation and production. Since 2007, she is interested particularly in audiovisual and film language as a form of poetic writing that would challenge and raise awareness of other realities to a diverse audience. In 2012 her film THE THREADS OF PENELOPE won the VII Independent Hispanic Award for Documentary Film and Video of Mexico City, her film SAMUDARIPEN. THE FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST (2016) is winner of 2nd Prize of Rom Film Festival Tikino.


Director: Eva Cruells Lopez
Script: Eva Cruells Lopez, Francisca Perona Cortés, Laia Manresa
Cinematography: Gloria Matamala, Santiago D.Risco , Alex Muñoz
Editing: Pere Marzo, Pablo Gil
Sound: Eva Cruells Lopez, Hamid E.Martin
Music: Falete Perona
Key cast: Sara Perona Salguero
Production: Francisca Perona Cortés


SATURDAY, 18:30, followed by a Q&A with two of the protagonists