AKE DIKHEA? goes DUKA Film Festival!

The DUKA Filmfestival takes place for the first time from 19th – 22nd September 2019 at the magnificent Schönow Castle, in the Uckermark between beeches and linden trees. It shows a selection of films from various Berlin festivals and international filmmakers – among others a selection of AKE DIKHEA? Romani Film Festival!

And this is our selection for this unique film festival:


Friday, 20th September, 8pm @Schlossgarten

By Hamze Bytyçi
Czech Republic/Germany, 2016 / 26′

Original version with English subtitles

The short documentary film follows Jozef Miker during his protests against a large-capacity pig farm built on the site of the former concentration camp near Lety in South Bohemia in which hundreds of Roma lost their lives under the Nazi regime – including half of Jožka’s wife’s family. While fallen ill after many years of working in coal mines, the protagonist with the nickname Jožka has never lost his persuasive optimism, humour and faith in better society.


By Rich Matthews
U.K., 2017 / 33′

Original version

Inspired by the groundbreaking BBC radio show The Travelling People from 1964, the Romani writer and filmmaker Damian Le Bas undertakes a journey to revisit the people and places featured on the first – and still one of the very few – radio or TV programmes which explores the lives of British Gypsies and Travellers using the voices of the community itself. His starting point is the question: what’s really changed in the five decades since Gypsies and Travellers spoke out – and sang on the BBC – about the ups and downs of their lives?


Saturday, 21st September, 8pm @Ballsaal

By Lawen Mohtadi & Gellert Tamas
Sweden, 2015 / 97′

Original version with English subtitles

TAIKON is a story about Sweden’s female Martin Luther King: A woman who learned to read and write in her late twenties – and became one of Sweden’s most read writers. But this documentary is also an account of the emergence of the Swedish welfare society, and the one group left behind – the Roma minority. Through unique archive material and meetings with friends and family, the documentary paints a dramatic picture of Katarina Taikon, one of the most important human rights activists in 20th century Europe.


Sunday, 22nd September, 2pm @Ballhaus

By Hristo Simeonov
Bulgaria, 2016 / 29′

Original version with English subtitles

The award-winning short fiction film follows the life of a Romani boy who lives together with his family in an old trailer in the Bulgarian hinterlands. While the father heads to the city to scrape together a living, the boy has to compensate for his father’s absence by hard work and a portion of courage. His only companion is a stray dog.


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